Day 104: It’s Ted, the musical

For Day 104 of my 365 Days of Ted talk I decided to have a little fun and watch a musical by the Ted staff, or as Ted says "a musical love letter to our speakers" This Ted talk, correction musical, is directed towards would-be Ted speakers. It's a light-hearted tongue in cheek look at what goes on in the mind of a Ted speaker before getting onto that stage. The musical starts with a would-be speaker getting a phone call letting her know that she has been accepted to give a Ted talk. A few moments later, Ted speaker coaches arrive on her doorstep to share some golden words of wisdom and some advice that all speakers should take note of. Preparation is key. You must be primed if you want to succeed. You need to bring something new to your speech.  It's okay to to bring a topic to the table that everyone knows about, but you need to add a fresh perspective into the mix. Don't try to sell anything or some (or your Ted talk won't … [Read more...]