Day 30: Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Are you wanting to try something new? Perhaps you are looking to take up a new hobby, start a new habit or give one up? What has stopped you starting already? Not enough time? For day 30's blog post I have decided to write a response to a short 3 minute video I recently watched.   Matt Cutt's delivers a Ted talk that teaches us how we can try and achieve something new is a small amount of time . Try something new for 30 days  The premise of his talk was simple - try something new everyday for 30 days.   There's no commitment to stick to that something new once the 30 days is up.    Filmed in 2009 Matt Cutts is responsible for a crazy amount of 30-day challenge around the world.  30 days in enough time to form a new habit without it becoming too overwhelming.  It's also enough time to subtract a habit that you want to get rid of. Who do a 30 day challenge? Trying something new is scary, but giving it a go for 30 days is enough of a … [Read more...]