Day 48: What do teachers make? A post inspired by ted speaker Taylor Mali

When setting out to do my Amazing Human series I didn’t set out to feature teachers.  It’s not that I was intentionally staying clear of teachers, it’s just that they weren’t front of mind when I was thinking about who to include in my Amazing Human series, but after listening to Rita Pierson talk earlier this week I have a new found appreciation for teachers and what they do.  I am ashamed to say this, but I never gave teachers proper credit before. Sure on some level I knew that teachers are important at educating new generations, but I never really stopped to think about what difference they could really make, not only on an academic level but also on character building. On Day 42 I published a post by Tedx speaker Barbara Corcoran. Barbara candidly spoke about the emotional scars that her primary school teacher had left on her self-esteem. That reminded me of the damage that teachers could do.  Perhaps this why, on some … [Read more...]

Day 17: Lessons I learned from watching Barry Schwartz’s Ted talk ” The Paradox of choice”

choices choices choices

For day 17 of my 365 Days of Ted journey I decided to watch a presentation by Barry Schwartz called "The Pardox of Choice." This post is for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed with all the choices in your life - you are not alone and through his Ted talk Barry will explain why you are feeling the way you do. Choice Paralysis The problem with too many choices is that for fear of making the wrong choice we end up in this state of choice paralysis unable to make a decision, although you could argue that by not actively making a choice you are still making a decision by default. Perhaps you are planning to go away for the Summer holidays. You have booked your plane ticket and are now looking to get your accommodation sorted. You are heading to a tourist hot spot so you literally have hundreds of hotels to choose from which at first seems like a buffet delight of options yet you are unable to make a choice for fear of  making the wrong … [Read more...]

Day 15: What I learned from watching Richard St. John’s Ted talk “8 secrets of success”


Today's instalment of my 365 Days of Ted features a 3 minute Ted talk by Richard St. John titled "8 Secrets of success" Don't be fooled by the very short duration talk, the content that Richard shares in those 8 minutes sums up  pretty much  what what I have read in every self-development book on success and to have it delivered in a succinct 3 minute speech is extremely helpful.      So what are the 8 traits of success people? The event which triggered this Ted talk happened about 7 years before Richard gave this talk in 2007.  Richard was on a plane to a Ted event when a high-school aged teenager sitting beside him asked him what leads to success.  How's that for small talk! Although Richard was unable to give the girl a definitive answer in the moment, this single conversation led Richard down a path of discovery as he interviewed over 500 successful people to find out the 8 most common traits that they have in … [Read more...]