Day 53: Why product placement is sneaky

Can I ask you a question? How many times have you been marketed to today? Really think about this question for a moment. I'm guessing quite a few times. Perhaps you had your  marketing radar on and you picked up on it and shrugged it off.   Or maybe, like quite a few of us, you have not consciously registered all the times that you been faced with  marketing as you go about your day.   Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me fame delivered a Ted talk in 2011 around the world of brand marketing and  product placement.  I have to admit his talk left me feeling a little bit disheartened by the direction that marketing world is taking. Morgan Spurlock is probably best known for his documentary Super Size Me.   That was a documentary where Morgan ate only McDonalds for a 30 day period and filmed the effects that the diet would have on his health. The  movie was wildly popular and more importantly it started a discussion about the health effects … [Read more...]

Day 52: What if we could add value to a product just by changing the perception around it?

change perceived value of a product by website confetti

A post inspired by Rory Sutherland's Ted talk "Life lessons from an ad man" What if you could add value to a product by simply changing the perception floating around it? Ted speaker and advertising guru Rory Sutherland believes that it is entirely possible and backs up his stance with some pretty compelling case studies all wrapped up in an entertaining presentation. My favourite type of Ted talks are the ones that use humour to get the message across. I just think think that humour is a great way to breakdown barriers whilst boosting engagement.   I've covered quite a few funny Ted talks so far such as “Do schools kill creativity” by Sir Ken Robinson which had me stifling giggles  in the middle of a shopping centre - one of the drawbacks of listening to Ted talks when I am out and about!  Rory Sutherland’s talk “Life lessons from an ad man” was just as funny. Change perception not reality    Rory says  that  changing a products … [Read more...]

Day 49: Google Science Fair Winners

Finishing off my Amazing Human series theme week is a Ted talk by three teenagers who won the 2011 inaugural Google Science Fair. Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah use their Ted talk to explain their award-winning projects. Meet Lauren, Naomi and Shree First up was Lauren discussing the effect that different marinades have on the levels of carcinogens in grilled chicken. She was led down this path after reading about a lawsuit involving seven  fast food restaurants and the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. The restaurant were being sued for failing to disclose the potential of their being dangerous substances in their food. Her high school lab wasn't sufficient enough to carry out her research so after emailing 200 people in a five-hour radius of her home she got one yes and her project was born. Following Lauren was Shree’s talk discussing her project - cancer research, more specifically how to treat patients … [Read more...]

Day 40: Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about failure? A post inspired by TedxTeen speakers Tara Suri and Niha Jain

Time for Change

This past week during Crush fear of failure week I have blogged about Ted talks that were about embracing the failure or near-wins and treating them as gifts, as powerful motivators to achieve even more than first thought possible. I blogged about failure being used in the pursuit of mastery and how success was fleeting.  For day 40 I wanted to share a Ted talk I watched about how there is really no guidance out there teaching us how to fail. The spectacularly failed summer This is the first time I am featuring a Ted talk from Tedx Teen and a talk with two speaks Tara Suri and Niha Jain. Tara and Niha’s talk “Learning to fail” was inspired by by their teens “spectacularly failed summer” Tara, Niha and another student Maddie Smith had gone to a small community in India to make a change.   85% of the woman in that community had been forced into prostitution and the trio wanted to break the cycle. They set out to empower the woman by … [Read more...]

Day 14: What I learned from watching Michael Norton’s ted talk “How to buy happiness”

Key to happiness

Money can buy you happiness.  Did you just cringe when you read that or perhaps you nodded your head profusely? Either way  chances are that you would have heard that saying  many times over the years.   Day 14 of my 365 Day of Ted Talks challenge is all about the connection between money and happiness and I discuss Michael Norton's Tedx presentation "Money can buy happiness." Can money buy me happiness? Michael Norton has a message to share and that is that yes, money can buy you happiness, that is of course,   if you spend it the right way. What's the right way? Well, Michael says that spending your money on other people will in return buy you happiness.  The presentation references an experiment run at the that University of British Columbia  that involved giving a group of participants an envelope with a small amount of money. Half the group were told that they needed to spend the money on themselves and the other half were … [Read more...]

Day 13: What I learned from watching Ron Gutman’s Ted Talk “The hidden power of smiling”

Smiling makes you happy

Did you know a smile can change your life? In today's blog post I am going to discuss a Ted Talk by Ron Gutman whose presentation "The hidden power of smiling" reveals some pretty interesting insights about smiling and the effects it can have on your life. To get into the mood of this post I challenge you to read this with a big cheesy grin!     3 facts about smiling I learnt from Ron Gutman's Ted Talk 1. Smiling has heaps of benefits  Ron talks about the 30-year longitudinal study that he was involved with at US Berkley that examined the smiles of students in an old year book.  Based on their smiles the study was able to determine how long their marriages would last and how well they would score in standardised tests of well being. Another study that Ron mentions the  2010 Wayne University research project, actually used old trading cards of baseball players to predict the lifespan of players based on the span of … [Read more...]

Day 11: What I learned from watching Graham Hill’s “Less stuff, more happiness” Ted talk

less is more

Continuing on with my theme of  watching Ted talks based on creating a happy and fulfilled mindset I decided to seek out a Ted talk with some actual steps implemented into the talk - something I could do right away.  My discovery was  a Ted talk from 2011 by by Graham Hill.   In the presentation, "Less stuff, more happiness" Graham shares stories about how he downsized  'edited' his life and is all the more happier for it. How did Graham Hill edit his life in three steps? Graham kicks off the talk with revealing the fact that American homes have three  times more space then they did 50 years ago.  However, all that extra space has not meant that people have plenty more  room for their belongings. Rather the opposite, as our space expands so does the amount of stuff  that people accumulate. He challenges us to edit our lives, reduce consumption and belongings so that we can instead increase our freedom, save more money and decrease our … [Read more...]

Day 08: Living beyond limits

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits

Live beyond limits

Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits If today’s talk doesn't inspire you I don’t know what will.  11 years ago Amy was stuck down with meningitis and lost both her legs. Life as she knew itwould never ever be the same.   In this talk Amy talks about the challenges she faces and the pivotal moment that helped her to live beyond her limitations. Amy's message 11 years ago life as Amy knew it changed. A blood infection mean that she fell seriously ill with a 2% chance or survival. Amy survived but life would never be the same again and for months she lay in bed with her prosthetic legs beside her mourning the life she once knew. The pivotal moment for her came when Amy realised that the only way forward was to let go of the Amy she knew. Clinging onto the former reality of her life would mean she would be forever stuck in this limbo - she needed to let go of the past and embrace the 'new Amy.' The one thing that really stuck out for me … [Read more...]

Day 06: Mel Robbins: F— YOU – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Living on autopilot

Continuing on with my accidental theme month of covering motivational  Ted talks, today blog post is about lessons I learned from watching Mel Robbins 'Tedx talk  F--- YOU - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.'   Core Message Mel Robbins offers a straight-talking tough love presentation that at times makes you feel guilty for not reaching your full potential. The meat of her talk is that if you are not living   your life the way you want to be living your life, the blame should be put squarely on your own shoulders. If you are feeling stuck then there is really no excuse for not taking action and pushing through those feelings. Mel says that if you need guidance find out someone who is where you want to be right now  and follow their steps. We live in such an amazing digital age that gives us access to free tools, blueprints, documentation and  knowledge, so if we doing a little research d we can easily find the resources … [Read more...]