Day 145: We all see the world differently

Perception. It's the darnedest thing. You and I could both be witnessing the very same event but walk away from it with completely different experiences. Emily Balcetis's Ted talk "Why some people find exercise harder than others" is a pretty insightful look into human behaviour. Perception is unique to each and everyone of us and is shaped by our past history and our values and core beliefs. Have you ever had one of those days where everyone just seems to be in a bad mood including yourself? Perhaps you got caught in traffic delays on your already long commute to work and when you arrive at work everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. Later that evening when you arrive home your partner is upset with you for not wanting to go out that evening. Emily suggests that maybe the situation is being viewed through the wrong perception. Perhaps, your co-workers are concerned for you and you partner is worried that you are not feeling … [Read more...]

Day 93: What are the clues to a great story?

Day 93- The clues to a  great story- A post inspired by Ted speaker Andrew Stanton

Are you a pretty bad storyteller or you usually have a pretty captive audience? Do you know  what the ingredients to a good story is? Filmmaker (Toy Story) Andrew Stanton does and in his Ted talk, “The clues to a great story” he’s got the audience hooked within the first sixty seconds. How does he do it? Well, you will need to keep reading to find out. The ingredients of a good story Storytelling is at the core of every human experience, it’s what we do. Stories have no boundaries and can take giant leaps through time and location. Andrew talks about what it takes to tell a good story and it really comes down to three words; make me care, but how can we make someone care? Andrew’s Ted talk is full of great nuggets of wisdom but here are my three favourites.   The punchline. You have to know the punchline of your story and know that every part of the story is leading to this one main singular goal. Absence of … [Read more...]

Day 87: Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

87- Ted speaker Miles Burke shares 11 lessons that he has learned from making mistakes.

I've been doing my 365 Days of Ted challenge for 87 days now and a pretty glaringly obvious truth has emerged - failure is the foundation of success. I’m not making this stuff up!  Ted speaker Miles Burke is a self-professed failure, but there is a silver lining. In his Ted talk “11 lessons learned through mistakes,” Miles shares with us what some of his mistakes have taught him. Miles broke down his Ted talk into 11 bite sized nuggets of wisdoms that we can all use into our business lives. 11 Lessons learned through mistakes - according to Miles Burke Mistakes can be lessons or failures.  It’s up to us what we decide to do with our mistakes. Are we going to sulk or feel sorry for ourselves, or are we going to use that mistake as a learning tool to grow. Dream big, plan small.  Miles says that although dreaming big is good, all entrepreneurs do it, you need to plan small, plan for next week, next month, next year. … [Read more...]

Day 78: Connected, but alone?

Day 78- Connected, but alone-

Can I ask you a question? A personal one? Do you think that the internet has enriched your life? Do you think that it has made your social connections stronger or has it made you feel more alone?  In 2012 Sherry Turkle used her Ted talk to put forward the notion that although the internet has made us all connection, we can still feel very alone. Connected, but alone? The title of Sherry’s ted talk is Connected, but alone? Think  about that for a moment. Never in history have we been more tangled in each other’s lives. We get  real time status updates, of important, and not-so important (but entertaining)  milestones such as birth announcements or the fact that Jimmy from work just polished off the entire first season of Breaking Bad in one day. Kudos to him. We are also bystanders witnessing blossoming romances as love notes are swapped through status updates.  We congratulate the happy coupling, aww you two are so sweet. We … [Read more...]

Day 73: What happens when you mix a Ted talk with poetry slam and a rubik’s cube?

I am a bit of a poetry slam fan girl. I would never dare perform poetry slam, that would be an awkward mess, but I do enjoy watching it.  It's full of passion and heart and just makes you pay attention.  To kick off this new theme week "Ted talks and poetry slam" I watched a performance by Marlon Carey all about time. Marlon wanted to push poetry slam further by adding something else in the mix, a rubik's cube, which fitted nicely into the theme of his poetry - time. Time is the universal currency   We lead this clockwork existence of exchanging time every single day.   We waste time.  We are frivolous with our time.  We are generous with our time; perhaps too generous. We are greedy with our time; maybe too greedy?  People ask to borrow our time, but we don't always have time to spare. We take people's time. For better or worse, time is this universal currency that we are all born with. Use your time … [Read more...]

Day 70: Save the world with 1 paper towel

i didnt know that

A couple of weeks ago I published a post about how many of us were probably tying our shoelaces the wrong way. At the time I thought it was a very odd Ted talk, and questioned whether I was being punked. However, by the end of the video I got it, the shoelaces were just a metaphor, a quirky vehicle to share a message. Today's blog post is another one of those videos.  Ted speaker Joe Smith is on a mission, he wants us all to know the correct way to use a paper towel. Don't be greedy. One paper towel is plenty According to Joe we only need to use one paper towel to dry our hands, anything more is excessive consumption. Joe gets out a bucket of water and paper towel and demonstrates how easy it is to dry your hands with just one paper towel. It's all in the technique. I won't go into details, but the clip is only a couple of minutes long and Joe is an entertaining presenter, so it's well worth a quick watch. It's not really about … [Read more...]

Day 69: Write a love letter to a stranger

When was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote a letter to somebody? And no, messages in a greeting card don’t count.  Ted speaker Hannah Brencher is passionate about the handwritten letter. It has got here through some tough times and it has also helped others through their rough patches too. Hannah’s mother doesn’t believe in communicating by technology,  so when Hannah was away at the college the only way for her to get news from home was to check the P.O box each afternoon. The familiarity of her mother’s cursive writing  was a comfort away from home.  Fast forward post college and Hannah relocated to New York City. In her own words she was  “sucker-punched” by depression. Hannah sought solace in the comfort of letter writing, but this time there was a twist. Hannah wasn’t writing letters to family and friends and swapping stories of their respective lives. These letters were written to strangers and left all around her … [Read more...]

Day 68: Are your a high-power poser or a low-power poser?

How aware of you of your own body language? Do you think that your body language is sending out the right messages or does it need a tune up? Social psychologist's Amy Cuddy's Ted talk "Your body language shapes who you are" talks about how body language is reflection of how others and yourself perceive you. This talk was watched accumulatively 21 million times, i'm pretty sure thats a record of some sort! How our body language affects the way others see us The reality is our body language will have a massive impact on how well we do in life. Amy’s talk was backed up with studies that showed how body language can impact the results of an election or the probability of a physician getting sued! How crazy is that! The body language of a physician, and whether or not they come across as ‘nice’ (according to the study Amy references), determines whether or not they have a higher chance of being sued.  What about their competence as a … [Read more...]

Day 67: Talk nerdy to me

Talk nerdy to me. That is the simple message from Ted speaker Melissa Marshall that has inspired this instalment of the Art of Communication theme week for my 365 Days of Ted challenge.  Melissa’s message is aimed at scientists. She wants them to know that many people from the non-scientist populations are interested in whats happening in science today, so could you please explain it to us in a way which we will understand. Ditch the jargon, just speak in ordinary language Ever notice how so many words can be used to explain the exact same thing? I mean that’s the whole point of a thesaurus isn’t it? Jargon is a barrier to understanding science says Melissa. An example that she used to show how jargon isn’t needed to explain things is the words “spatial and temporal.”  Why not just use the words “space and time” she suggests. Don’t dumb it down Melissa is not asking scientist to talk to us in a dumbed down and patronising way. … [Read more...]

Day 50: That 404 feeling

that 404 feeling by website confetti

Have you ever been browsing the web, minding your own business, when bam, a dreaded 404 page appears.  Annoyed you most likely navigate to back to the last page you visited and forget all about it.   Renny Gleeson’s Ted talk “404, the story of a page not found” is all about how we should not be wasting the opportunity of a 404 and instead, use it as a way to build a better relationship.  This post kicks off a brand  new theme week in 365 Days of Ted : Ted talks on marketing What is a 404 page A 404 page is the default error page that a website brings up when it can’t find what you are looking for.  The page you are looking for might have been moved or it could have been deleted all together. It's kind of like a nightclub bouncer refusing you entry. 404 pages suck I hate 404 pages. I mean really hate.  They are an interruption to my web browsing experience. I also hate how I feel punked every time I reach one of these pages.  I … [Read more...]