Day 88: What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape.

Day 88- What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape. by Website Confetti

The education landscape is changing.  Not so long ago students in lecture halls were armed with pens and lecture pads. These days students in lecture halls are armed with mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Ted speaker Anant Agarwal has a message to share in his Ted talk “Why MOOC’s still matter” he believes that we shouldn’t fight technology in the classroom, we should be embracing it. What is MOOC? MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses which is available for free online to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a willingness to learn. Courses can be self-paced or run on a set schedule.  Credentials might even be offered on some courses. MOOC’s is an amazing way to get knowledge in the hands of those who might be otherwise limited by finances or location. The reach that a course delivered through MOOC’s has goes well beyond the reach a physical classroom has. What universities can learn from … [Read more...]

Day 86: Do you hate attending meetings? Maybe you suffer from MAS.

Day 86- Do you hate attending meetings- Maybe you suffer from MAS

If you are like most people the thought of attending a meeting probably fills you with a certain degree of dread. Meetings can easily chew up half a day and leave you none the wiser at the end of it.  In his Ted talk “How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings” David Grady has some suggestion to offer on how to stop on how to stop meetings from  being such a drain on our energy and time. “Every day, we allow our coworkers, who are otherwise very, very nice people, to steal from us” says David Grady. No, he is not talking about stealing our money (well maybe this could apply indirectly) nor is he talking about stealing physical goods, David is referring to our time being stolen by attending inefficient meetings. If we know meetings waste time, why attend? David says that most of us are afflicted with this condition called Mindless Accept Syndrome, or affectional shortened to MAS.  We go to the meeting, … [Read more...]

Day 83: Have you stopped and looked at the clouds today?

Day 83- Have you stopped and looked at the clouds today-

Can I ask you something? When was the last time that you looked up at the clouds?  I am not talking about a quick glance upwards to check the rain status.  No, I mean the last time that you really just looked up to appreciate the beauty of the clouds. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the  Cloud Appreciation Society, thinks that clouds are unfairly  used for a doom and gloom metaphor and has decided to uses his Ted talk to show us some pictures to change the perception. Are clouds really used as a metaphor for doom? When someone is depressed “they’re under a cloud” when bad news is approaching “there’s a cloud on the horizon.”  Until I watched Gavin’s Ted talk I had never really thought about clouds as being seen as a bad thing. Then again until I watched Rives talk a few days ago I never thought that 4 a.m. was such a historical shorthand for bad things. A cloudy night at 4 a.m. must be really bad news then! Gavin says that … [Read more...]

Day 74: High school training ground

Poetical activist and Ted speaker Malcolm London used his Ted talk to share an extract of his poem "High school training ground."  Written and performed in 2011 when Malcolm was still at high school, it's full of raw truths that can make you uncomfortable, but nonetheless, needs to be heard. Whether you graduated this decade or some time ago, the relevance is still very much there for everyone. Malcolm paints a pretty brutal picture of the public school system and the inequalities within the school's walls. His talk is not  about the curriculum which we go to school for, but the "training" that happens in-between.  "This is a training ground where one group is taught to lead and the other is made to follow" says Malcolm.  "Taught now that capitalism raises you but you have to step on someone else to get there. " "A training ground to sort out the Regulars from the Honors, a reoccurring cycle built to recycle the trash of this … [Read more...]

Day 71: Do you know these 10 time saving technology hacks?

Day 71 Time saving technology shortcuts

Ted speaker David Pogue wants you to know that you have been wasting your time with technology. It's true! Don't worry though, this isn’t an anti-technology post. I could never write a scathing post on technology. David kicks off his Ted talk with some food for thought; you need a licence for anything risky, driving a car or getting married, but not for owning technology. There’s no basic course or standard syllabus, we are just supposed to know this stuff. No licence - just jump right in! Okay so I am guessing that if you were born sometime after 1999 technology such as smart phones and fast internet are just part of the landscape for you. You probably had computers at school since kindy and you probably don't get the comparison. I on the other hand was born before 1999 so I understand what David is saying. Technology is this huge minefield and we are just thrown into the deep-end when we buy technology that often we only … [Read more...]

Day 66: What do your hands say about you?

Do you talk with your hands? Well, according to Allan Pease or “Mr body language” as he is also known, we all talk with our hands. Our hands  give away so much more that what we are saying verbally, the question is, do you know what your hands are actually telling other people about you? Did you know that within the first four minutes of meeting someone you have made up your mind whether or not you will give them a “fair go”? Seems like a fairly short amount of time, but it’s the way humans are wired to act. Allan says that the handshake is usually one of the things that determine how we perceive people. Allan kicks off the talk with demonstrating different types of handshakes, apparently the position of your hand and the tightness of the grip can determine your position of power between yourself and the handshakee. I know that’s not a real word, but it should be. Basically a good handshake comes down to two things, the … [Read more...]

Day 65: The seven deadly sins of speaking

day 65 the most poweful sound in the world

Do you know what the most powerful sound in the world is?  It’s the human voice. It can start a war or say “I Love You” says says Ted speaker Julian Treasure in his talk “How to speak so that people will want to listen.” So how exactly do we use our voice to make people pay attention? Do people listen to you when you talk? Do they hang off your every word and does the conversation end with them wanting more? Okay so maybe that’s an exaggerated outcome for every conversation, I mean some conversations are just mundane out of necessity, but are people truly engaged when you talk? I’m guessing if you are like most people, the answer is going to be, not always. Julian discussed the “Seven deadly sins of speaking” and it’s stuff that i’m sure that we are all guilty of. We are all human, but perhaps being more aware of these “sins” will help us to catch ourselves in the moment when we are tangled in these vocal sins. What are the seven … [Read more...]

Day 58: Rethinking non-profits

Do you make a lot of money helping others? If so, I am sorry to have to break this to you, but society sees you as a parasite. That's the general message coming though Ted speaker's Dan Pollatta's pressentation "The way we think about charity is dead wrong" If you are in the field of helping others, you are expected to be selfless. This means that you can't live in an expensive home, or be on a good salary as that wouldn't look right? Well actually Dan Pallotta thinks that this type of thinking can ultimately do more harm than good. Dan uses the example of business MBA graduates who would be taking a pay cut by taking their talent to charities. He  says that graduates who are the "brightest minds" might not be wiling to take a pay cut. "Now, there's no way you're going to get a lot of people with $400,000 talent to make a $316,000 sacrifice every year to become the CEO of a hunger charity." When I first heard that I was … [Read more...]

Day 47: A post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn who started her business at 8 years old

Continuing on with my Amazing Human series is a post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn, a cartoonist, designer, entrepreneur and activist. Maya says she is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who not only seeks a successful businesses, but also wants to do her bit in building a sustainable future. Did I mention Maya was only eight years old when she launched her business? Meet Maya Penn Maya Penn is the girl I wish I was at thirteen.  She’s confident, creativity bursting with talent and has a good social conscious.  Maya's motivated by art and the environment and incorporates this it into everything she does such as her business  Maya’s Ideas and her nonprofit Maya’s Ideas for The Planet that she launched when she was eight. Yes eight years old! Maya's Idea is a fashion label of handmade clothing.  Maya didn't have a business plan at eight years old, she learnt all about running a business as she went along, but she was certain on … [Read more...]

Day 45: Every kid needs a champion. A post inspired by Rita Pierson

every kid needs a champion

Meet  Rita Pierson - the school teacher with grit.  During my 365 Days of Ted, some talks have had more of an impact than others. Every talk I choose to write about has moved me or challenged me in some way,  Rita Pierson’s talk is no exception, which is why I have included her in my Amazing Human's series Rita’s message is a simple, but crucial one “Every kid needs a champion." Rita, Mrs Pierson, is a  straight-talker with all heart. She is the type of teacher I wish I had in high-school.  The majority of my teachers did their job - they taught the curriculum and I was semi-willing student so I got decent grades, but I don’t know if I was really ever inspired by them.  It’s not that they were bad teachers.  I think that it just became a job to them, not a career.  Quite  a few teachers ended up resigning  and moving on to completely unrelated fields.  The exception is two teachers I had who did seem to have a genuine passion for … [Read more...]