Day 96: Are we reading the right news stories?

Day 96- Are we reading the right news stories-

Ted speaker Kirk Citron is part of a project called The Now Foundation. It’s a foundation that seeks out news that will still matter, fifty, one-hundred even a thousands years from now. They look for stories that might make a difference to the future. So what type of news stories make up The Long News? This Ted talk was recorded in 2010 and the top news back then was the conflict in Afghanistan,  the swine flu outbreak, Michael Jacksons death, the Obama inauguration, the poor state of the economy  and the miraculous survival  stories after a plane crashed into the Hudson River. Kirk says that none of those stories will matter in the long term. The recession will soon become old news .  Kirk offers some suggestions on the type of news that will make a difference such as Science. Resources Global Politics New discoveries Kirk’s pick for the top news story of 2010? Water found on the moon. Kirk ends his talk by … [Read more...]