Day 92: “Should you donate differently?” asks Ted speaker Joy Sun?

Day 92- -Should you donate differently-- asks Ted speaker Joy Sun

Ted speaker and veteran aid worker Joy Sun thinks that we should rethink the way we donate money. In her Ted talk “Should you donate differently?” she shares alternative ways to help the poor. Joy Sun, had an epiphany ten years into her work as a veteran aid worker. Rather than help the poor by putting money into projects such as training and school, why not redistribute that money as cold hard cash into the hands of the poor themselves? Until that moment, Joy held two assumptions Poor people are poor in part due to lack of education and make bad choices. The poor need people such as veteran aid workers to help make decisions for them and get them what they need. Condescending? Well yes, but if you think about it, and I hadn’t before just now,  I think that western society is actually really guilty of thinking that we need to be the decision makers for the less fortunate countries. Unconditional Giving Joy now supports … [Read more...]

Day 62: Have you had your lollipop moment yet?

Day 62-what-your-lollipop-moment (2)

What are your thoughts on leadership? Do you think that leadership is reserved for the special few Or can anyone actually be leaders?  Ted's speaker Drew Dudley think so and asks this  very revealing question to people all across the country, “how many of you are actually comfortable calling yourself a leader?” Turns out not many. In most audiences that Drew has asked this question to, the majority of people do not put up the hand. Why is that? Leadership is on a pedestal Well Drew thinks it's because we have taken the label of leadership and really put it on this pedestal. We have reserved the title of leadership for people making big changes in the world. This in turn makes us reluctant to call ourselves leaders as we fear coming across as arrogant an cocky. I can see that,  self-confessed leaders can usually come across as icky, yes I said icky, but I guess everyone has the right to appreciate their leadership moments and not … [Read more...]

Day 61: Before I day… A social experiment by Candy Chanf

Today's post continues on with my 365 Day of Ted theme week Challenge Your Thinking. Although keeping on theme, I am taking a different approach. So far I have published posts about reframing our perspective and approaching situations from different angles  but ultimately still ending up at the same in point.  Today's post is about looking inside of us to remind us of what is actually important and meaningful in life. For Ted speaker Candy Chang, this wake up call of remembering what's important in life and not getting caught up in the day today trivial moments that seem to make up the bulk of our lives, happened after a tragic event. Candy lost someone close to her, a mother figure. It was unexpected and three years later (at the time of the Ted talk) the emotion was still evidently raw for Candy. This unexpected and tragic event was followed by a long period of grief and depression, but also a sense of clarity about death. This … [Read more...]

Day 61: There’s a flip side to everything, such as paying doctors when you are healthy and not sick

"There's a flip side to everything" That's the key message that Derek Sivers is sharing with his Ted audience in a brief 2 minute Ted talk. Regular readers may remember that this is not the first time that I have wrote about a Derek Sivers Ted talk. Earlier on in my 365 Days of ted challenge I wrote  about Derek's other Ted talk about why it was a bad idea to tell anyone your goals.  The reason why Derek said this was a bad idea was definitely left of field and worth checking out. Derek's Ted talk "Weird, or different" has the same theme in that he is challenging us to consider that there are different paths to the same end result. Derek uses two anecdotes to explain this. The Japanese tourist in America. The American tourist in Japan So imagine a Japanese tourist comes up to you in a street in America, Derek says and he asks you the name of the block. If I was in the situation I would assume that the Japanese tourist was actually … [Read more...]

Day 60: A Ted talk all about tying your shoelace! Really?

Terry Moore tie your shoelaces (1)

Have you ever wondered if you have been tying your shoelaces the right way? No? Well neither have I, but if you scratch below the surface of today's Ted talk by Terry Moore you will find the true lesson. I have spent the past 60 days watching a Ted talk each day and learning from it.   And what was today's lesson. Well it would seem quite a lot of us are tying our shoe laces the wrong way. Strange topic for a Ted talk you may say. Indeed, and it was kind of amusing to see the entire Ted audience applause when Terry demonstrated tying shoelaces. I wish I had that kid of morale boost each time I did something trivia. The next time I tie up my laces I expect high-fives! At first I didn't know whether or not this Ted talk was just taking the mickey and really just a parody of Ted talks or whether or not there was a message laced up in there, pun intended. That was of course until I watched it... So this whole Ted talk was … [Read more...]

Day 59: How we can change our lives by simply reframing it

  This is the second time in two weeks that I have included a Ted talk from Rory Sutherland.  In my ted talks on marketing series I included Rory’s talk “Life as an ad man” a funny, yet insightful look into how changing the perception surrounding a product and not the product itself can boost the perceived value of a product. So what exactly is reframing? Reframing means changing the meaning of something by making a small change in the activity or product. Sometimes you don't even need to add or remove a tangible product, you just approach a situation from a different angle.Can you imagine the potential this has, to just change one subtle thing and completely reverse the meaning of an event. Two examples Rory’s gives about how reframing a situation can change the meaning Why are unemployed pensioners happier than unemployed youth?  Rory asks us to question why pensioners are much more happier than the unemployed youth. Both he … [Read more...]

Day 58: Rethinking non-profits

Do you make a lot of money helping others? If so, I am sorry to have to break this to you, but society sees you as a parasite. That's the general message coming though Ted speaker's Dan Pollatta's pressentation "The way we think about charity is dead wrong" If you are in the field of helping others, you are expected to be selfless. This means that you can't live in an expensive home, or be on a good salary as that wouldn't look right? Well actually Dan Pallotta thinks that this type of thinking can ultimately do more harm than good. Dan uses the example of business MBA graduates who would be taking a pay cut by taking their talent to charities. He  says that graduates who are the "brightest minds" might not be wiling to take a pay cut. "Now, there's no way you're going to get a lot of people with $400,000 talent to make a $316,000 sacrifice every year to become the CEO of a hunger charity." When I first heard that I was … [Read more...]

Day 57: Does society view disabled people as inspirational porn?

Kicking off a new series week - Ted talks to challenge your thinking is a post about comedian Stella Young's Ted talk, "I'm not your inspiration, thank-you very much" Stella’s talk had one simple, albeit blunt message, just because a person might be living with disabilities that doesn't mean that they are automatically your inspiration porn. Harsh words or poignant truth?  Imagine being a teenager in the 90’s. You did the usual teenager thing, hang out with your friends, fight with your siblings, and if you are a teenager of the 90’s you were probably obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek.  Then one day out of the blue your parents get approached from someone from the community wanting to nominate you for a community achievement award. This happened to Stella Young and her parents. Her parents were flattered on Stella’s behalf but couldn’t overlook the obvious issue - Stella hadn’t achieved anything. Her parents … [Read more...]