Day 82: Changing the world one laugh at a time

Day 82- Changing the world one laugh at a time by Website Confetti

Ted speaker and comic Liza Donnelly has found a way to get discussions happening about modern life.  In her Ted talk “Drawing on humor for change” Liza shares with us some of her comics about female empowerment. Liza is a cartoonist who uses her comics to discuss the gender inequality and stereotypes. Her cartoons are witty, relatable but also have something to say. It’s the kind of topics that perhaps we aren’t talking about, or don’t always know how to articulate to get the message across, but Liza pushes through those barriers with humour. For the past few days I have been publishing posts for my 365 Days of Ted challenge around the theme ‘Ted talks to make you giggle.’ Some of the talks have been really just that, designed to make you laugh, but other talks have been bundled with humor and an important message. Humor doesn’t cheapen the message To date, I have watched a Ted talk every single day for the past 82 days and I … [Read more...]

Day 81: Are you human? Are you sure?

Day 81- Are you human- Are you sure- by Website Confetti (2)

Do you ever have moments in life that you might do something odd, purposely or accidental, that makes you think that you must be the only person to have ever done such a thing?  Maybe it’s so cringe worthy that you have to actually question whether or not your human. Melodramatic? Maybe, but  Ted speaker Ze Frank has compiled a bunch of questions to help determine whether or not you are human. It’s the human test. Ze Frank (I love his name) presents a kind of game show style quiz format to the backdrop of this universe sci-fi type music in his Ted talk “Are you human?” Ze asks the audience to raise their hand if they agree with any of the criteria he has compiled for his human test such as; Have you ever made a small, weird sound when you remembered something embarrassing? Have you ever broken something in real life, and then found yourself looking for an "undo" button in real life? On the surface Ze’s talk could be seen … [Read more...]

Day 80: Are you guilty of overusing the word awesome?

Day 80- Are you guilty of overusing the word awesome- compiled by Website Confetti

Have you ever noticed that the word awesome is used quite a bit? Maybe you yourself are an “awesome” word user?  If you are, how many times have you referred to something as awesome today? Be honest, like really honest, have any of the things that you have referred to as awesome actually been awesome? Comedian and Ted speaker Jill Shargaa seems to think that there is a massive overuse of the word and after listening to her hilarious Ted talk “Please, please people. Let’s put the ‘awe’ back in awesome.”   I kind of have to agree with here. Define awesome? There can be no discussion of the the overuse of the word “awesome” without getting into the definition of the actual word. Jill says that Webster’s dictionary definition is  “awesome: as fear mingled with admiration or reverence,a feeling produced by something majestic.”   Do you still think that the last think you called awesome is truly awesome? Is the mundane awesome? Jill … [Read more...]