Day 144: Doodlers Unite. Mr Squiggle was onto something

I am a doodler. I have been one since as long as I can remember. The pages of my school books were lined with doodles that perhaps made no sense to anyone but myself. To be honest, I have never really put much thought into doodles but Ted speaker Sunni Brown has. In her Ted talk Doodlers, Unite Sunni wants to break down the myths that doodling is bad thing. The negativity around doodling is something that we can thank history for as the word was used to define fools or to ridicule someone. These days doodling is associated with wasting time, acting thoughtlessly and making meaningless marks. Doodling is a powerful tool Sunni want everyone to recognise  the doodling  is not mindless scribbling but it can actually be pretty powerful stuff. According to Sunni  "it is a preemptive measure to stop you from losing focus. Additionally, it has a profound effect on creative problem-solving and deep information processing." and "People who … [Read more...]

Day 102: Don’t wait to be a hero

Mark Bezos is a volunteer firefighter. In his town volunteer firefighters are called to supplement the highly skilled career staff when a fire breaks out. In this Ted talk"A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter" Mark shares a humbling lesson he learned on his second day as a volunteer on the scene of a house fire. Picture this. It's Mark's second day as a volunteer firefighter and as a volunteer he races down to the location of the fire so that he can get delegated his task. As volunteers you need to get in early to get a good job. Mark finds the fire captain who is deep in conversation with the homeowner. The homeowner is quote a sight. She's in her pyjamas,   barefoot and fighting for shelter under an umbrella. She's having the worst day of her life.   Another volunteer, Mark affectionally calls Lex Luther , arrives at the scene first and is given the job of rescuing the homeowners cat. Mark is jealous. He wants to rescue the … [Read more...]

Day 97: 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River

Day 97- 3 things Ric Elias learned while his plane crashed into the Hudson River (1)

Imagine being on a plane headed straight into the Hudson River. For Rick Elias he didn’t need to imagine this. In January 2009 this was his reality.   Ric uses his ted talk to share three things that he learned in those moments. The Hudson River plane crash of 2009 was a miracle story - a commercial plane lands into a river with not a single fatality. In his Ted talk “3 things I learned while my place crashed” Ric talks the audience through what it was like in those final minutes, including the moment that the pilot switched off the engine and said “the most unemotional” words Ric had ever heard “Brace for impact.”  Ric also shares the three things he learned about himself that day. 1. “I collect bad wines” Ric thought about his bucket-list, all the things that we put off doing and store into this bucket until the time is right. He also started a new saying “I collect bad wines” because he doesn’t want to postpone life anymore, … [Read more...]

Day 76: Using spoken word to figure stuff out

Day 76- Using spoken word to figure stuff out

Continuing on with my 365 Days of Ted theme week on poetry slam is a post about spoken word artist Sarah Kay who uses her Ted talk to talk about the power of self-expression. Sarah Kay kicks off her Ted talk with a spoken word piece, “If I should have a daughter”  It’s a heartfelt piece that shows both the beauty and painful moments that make up life as a whole.  It’s rawness and truths brought the audience to the first standing ovation of the Ted talk. Finding your vehicle for self-expression This wasn't a Ted talk just about a spoken-word piece from a mother to daughter. It was  a Ted talk about using poetry as a way self-expression and  empowerment.  Sometimes we struggle to make sense of things and when this happens to Sarah she puts pen to paper to find the answers. Sarah says that spoken word poetry is not necessarily the ideal art form, but it is the art form that is accessible to everyone.  Expression through film … [Read more...]

Day 72: Do you know that you are affected by online “filter bubbles” by Website Confetti

Day 72 Do you know that you are affected by online -filter bubbles- by Website Confetti

Did you know that if you and I searched for the exact same thing on Google right now we would probably get different results? We could be googling literally side by side and still get significantly different websites appear on our search results page. Why is that? Ted speaker Eli Pariser says that this has to do with online “filter bubbles" and it is affecting each and everyone of us whether we agree with it or not. What are online filter bubbles? Online filter bubbles are caused by algorithms. Okay that was no help, so what's an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules, a formula, used to determine the answer to a question.  Whenever you search for something on a search engine such as Google, it takes into consideration a whole bunch of things about your situation and then tailors your search results for you.  That tailored personalised search result is your online “filter bubble.”  Doesn’t sound so bad so far. What's the … [Read more...]

Day 53: Why product placement is sneaky

Can I ask you a question? How many times have you been marketed to today? Really think about this question for a moment. I'm guessing quite a few times. Perhaps you had your  marketing radar on and you picked up on it and shrugged it off.   Or maybe, like quite a few of us, you have not consciously registered all the times that you been faced with  marketing as you go about your day.   Morgan Spurlock from Super Size Me fame delivered a Ted talk in 2011 around the world of brand marketing and  product placement.  I have to admit his talk left me feeling a little bit disheartened by the direction that marketing world is taking. Morgan Spurlock is probably best known for his documentary Super Size Me.   That was a documentary where Morgan ate only McDonalds for a 30 day period and filmed the effects that the diet would have on his health. The  movie was wildly popular and more importantly it started a discussion about the health effects … [Read more...]

Day 13: What I learned from watching Ron Gutman’s Ted Talk “The hidden power of smiling”

Smiling makes you happy

Did you know a smile can change your life? In today's blog post I am going to discuss a Ted Talk by Ron Gutman whose presentation "The hidden power of smiling" reveals some pretty interesting insights about smiling and the effects it can have on your life. To get into the mood of this post I challenge you to read this with a big cheesy grin!     3 facts about smiling I learnt from Ron Gutman's Ted Talk 1. Smiling has heaps of benefits  Ron talks about the 30-year longitudinal study that he was involved with at US Berkley that examined the smiles of students in an old year book.  Based on their smiles the study was able to determine how long their marriages would last and how well they would score in standardised tests of well being. Another study that Ron mentions the  2010 Wayne University research project, actually used old trading cards of baseball players to predict the lifespan of players based on the span of … [Read more...]

Day 11: What I learned from watching Graham Hill’s “Less stuff, more happiness” Ted talk

less is more

Continuing on with my theme of  watching Ted talks based on creating a happy and fulfilled mindset I decided to seek out a Ted talk with some actual steps implemented into the talk - something I could do right away.  My discovery was  a Ted talk from 2011 by by Graham Hill.   In the presentation, "Less stuff, more happiness" Graham shares stories about how he downsized  'edited' his life and is all the more happier for it. How did Graham Hill edit his life in three steps? Graham kicks off the talk with revealing the fact that American homes have three  times more space then they did 50 years ago.  However, all that extra space has not meant that people have plenty more  room for their belongings. Rather the opposite, as our space expands so does the amount of stuff  that people accumulate. He challenges us to edit our lives, reduce consumption and belongings so that we can instead increase our freedom, save more money and decrease our … [Read more...]