Day 93: What are the clues to a great story?

Day 93- The clues to a  great story- A post inspired by Ted speaker Andrew Stanton

Are you a pretty bad storyteller or you usually have a pretty captive audience? Do you know  what the ingredients to a good story is? Filmmaker (Toy Story) Andrew Stanton does and in his Ted talk, “The clues to a great story” he’s got the audience hooked within the first sixty seconds. How does he do it? Well, you will need to keep reading to find out. The ingredients of a good story Storytelling is at the core of every human experience, it’s what we do. Stories have no boundaries and can take giant leaps through time and location. Andrew talks about what it takes to tell a good story and it really comes down to three words; make me care, but how can we make someone care? Andrew’s Ted talk is full of great nuggets of wisdom but here are my three favourites.   The punchline. You have to know the punchline of your story and know that every part of the story is leading to this one main singular goal. Absence of … [Read more...]

Day 78: Connected, but alone?

Day 78- Connected, but alone-

Can I ask you a question? A personal one? Do you think that the internet has enriched your life? Do you think that it has made your social connections stronger or has it made you feel more alone?  In 2012 Sherry Turkle used her Ted talk to put forward the notion that although the internet has made us all connection, we can still feel very alone. Connected, but alone? The title of Sherry’s ted talk is Connected, but alone? Think  about that for a moment. Never in history have we been more tangled in each other’s lives. We get  real time status updates, of important, and not-so important (but entertaining)  milestones such as birth announcements or the fact that Jimmy from work just polished off the entire first season of Breaking Bad in one day. Kudos to him. We are also bystanders witnessing blossoming romances as love notes are swapped through status updates.  We congratulate the happy coupling, aww you two are so sweet. We … [Read more...]

Day 50: That 404 feeling

that 404 feeling by website confetti

Have you ever been browsing the web, minding your own business, when bam, a dreaded 404 page appears.  Annoyed you most likely navigate to back to the last page you visited and forget all about it.   Renny Gleeson’s Ted talk “404, the story of a page not found” is all about how we should not be wasting the opportunity of a 404 and instead, use it as a way to build a better relationship.  This post kicks off a brand  new theme week in 365 Days of Ted : Ted talks on marketing What is a 404 page A 404 page is the default error page that a website brings up when it can’t find what you are looking for.  The page you are looking for might have been moved or it could have been deleted all together. It's kind of like a nightclub bouncer refusing you entry. 404 pages suck I hate 404 pages. I mean really hate.  They are an interruption to my web browsing experience. I also hate how I feel punked every time I reach one of these pages.  I … [Read more...]

Day 16: What I learned from watching Brene Brown’s Ted talk “Listening to shame”

Can I ask you a question? Are you a vulnerable person? Do you let this vulnerability define who you are and what you do? In a positive way or a negative way?  Since we are talking about raw emotions what about shame? Are you the type of man or woman that looks into the mirror and sees shame reflected back at them?  As you have probably already figured out  for day 16 of 365 Days of Ted I have chosen the theme of shame and vulnerability inspired  by a Ted talk by Brene Brown called "Listening to shame." This talk goes much deeper than most Ted talks I have discuss so far but hey, it's day 16 already, let's get serious! What I learned from watching Brene Brown's Ted talk "Listening to shame" The biggest lesson I took away from this presentation was that in order to understand how tight a negative grip vulnerability has on your life you first need to understand what  your actual definition for vulnerability is. Brene asked the audience … [Read more...]