Day 119: Coming to a future near you – mini robots powered by your phone

Today's Ted talk both excites me and worries me. Keller Rinaudo talks about the future of robotics, robotics powered by mobile phones. Is technology moving too fast? Are we actually ready to embrace a world where robotics make up the everyday landscape? Personally, Im not too sure. Personal connections are already being eroded by the huge consumption of mobile phone usage. Will robotic technology free us up to mend those tattered relationships or will it further diminish human connection? What do you think? … [Read more...]

Day 115: A skateboard with a boost

In 2013 Sanjay Dastoor, founder of Boosted Boards, used his time at TED to talk about electric transportation, more specifically electric skateboards. I'm not really a skateboarding type of girl. I lie. I did have a classic TMNT skateboard as a kid which I loooved - it had flashing lights and everything! Sanjay's skateboard is a little more progressed than my retro skateboard. It's lighter than a bicycle, it's electric and can be plugged into a wall socket for 15 minutes to charge it up to give it enough power to travel at 30 kms per her (20 milers per hour) It's a definite step up from my ninja turtles skateboard!   … [Read more...]

Day 88: What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape.

Day 88- What is MOOC’s and how it’s changing the education landscape. by Website Confetti

The education landscape is changing.  Not so long ago students in lecture halls were armed with pens and lecture pads. These days students in lecture halls are armed with mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Ted speaker Anant Agarwal has a message to share in his Ted talk “Why MOOC’s still matter” he believes that we shouldn’t fight technology in the classroom, we should be embracing it. What is MOOC? MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses which is available for free online to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a willingness to learn. Courses can be self-paced or run on a set schedule.  Credentials might even be offered on some courses. MOOC’s is an amazing way to get knowledge in the hands of those who might be otherwise limited by finances or location. The reach that a course delivered through MOOC’s has goes well beyond the reach a physical classroom has. What universities can learn from … [Read more...]

Day 71: Do you know these 10 time saving technology hacks?

Day 71 Time saving technology shortcuts

Ted speaker David Pogue wants you to know that you have been wasting your time with technology. It's true! Don't worry though, this isn’t an anti-technology post. I could never write a scathing post on technology. David kicks off his Ted talk with some food for thought; you need a licence for anything risky, driving a car or getting married, but not for owning technology. There’s no basic course or standard syllabus, we are just supposed to know this stuff. No licence - just jump right in! Okay so I am guessing that if you were born sometime after 1999 technology such as smart phones and fast internet are just part of the landscape for you. You probably had computers at school since kindy and you probably don't get the comparison. I on the other hand was born before 1999 so I understand what David is saying. Technology is this huge minefield and we are just thrown into the deep-end when we buy technology that often we only … [Read more...]

Day 58: Rethinking non-profits

Do you make a lot of money helping others? If so, I am sorry to have to break this to you, but society sees you as a parasite. That's the general message coming though Ted speaker's Dan Pollatta's pressentation "The way we think about charity is dead wrong" If you are in the field of helping others, you are expected to be selfless. This means that you can't live in an expensive home, or be on a good salary as that wouldn't look right? Well actually Dan Pallotta thinks that this type of thinking can ultimately do more harm than good. Dan uses the example of business MBA graduates who would be taking a pay cut by taking their talent to charities. He  says that graduates who are the "brightest minds" might not be wiling to take a pay cut. "Now, there's no way you're going to get a lot of people with $400,000 talent to make a $316,000 sacrifice every year to become the CEO of a hunger charity." When I first heard that I was … [Read more...]

Day 29: Got a meeting? Take a walk

What if I told you that there was something about you that had the potential to make you sick. I mean really sick. Would you want to know about it?  Ted speaker Nilofer Merchant's Ted talk "Got a meeting? take a walk" delivers a message about the sit-down epidemic sweeping our world. We sit down too much! We spend a lot of time on our behind. We play video games, use the computer and watch television all on our behind. In fact Nilofer says on average we spend 9.5 hours each and every day sitting down.   This can't be good for us! Lack of physical activity increases our risk of diseases such as diabetes and bowel cancer. Despite these real risks of sitting down too much Nilofer says like herself,  most people wont pay attention to the warnings. What eventually made Nilofer address issue of sitting down too much was the social interaction that getting up meant.   One day Nilofer was invited to a meeting but none of the conference rooms … [Read more...]

Day 23: A Ted talk by Phil Hansen who found his creativity in the least expected place.

Vintage gift box with bow on wooden background

Imagine being an artist with a  hand that won’t stop shaking. An artist whose life passion is pointillism,  creating art made up of thousands of tiny dots using a steady hand.   What would you do? Would you quit, give up and stop being an artist or would you make your limitations work for you? Day 23 of 365 Days of Ted is by Artist Phil Hansen who faced that very challenge. Question is - did he give up? Embrace the shake When Phil Hansen was in art school the unthinkable happened - he developed a tremor in his hand, nerve damage from spending years and years creating art made up of tiny, tiny dots. Initially Phil fought back. He held that pencil tighter and tighter until the pain got unbearable to the point that he was unable to hold anything. Defeated he dropped out of art school and gave up on art. For years art was no longer a part of Phil’s life, but like anyone with a true passion knows, you can’t simply hide away from what … [Read more...]