Day 145: Do you have the same values that you had 10 years ago?

Can Iask you a question? It might be a little personal.  Do you have the same values that you had ten years ago?  Have you changed? I'm guessing, for better or worse  the answer is yes. Who you are right now in this very moment is most probably not the same person you were ten years ago and is very likely not who you will be in ten years time. This was the topic of Dan Gilbert’s Ted talk “The psychology of your future self." The rate of change   Kids seem to change by the minute where as parents seem to change by the year. It is well known and understood that the youth will change quite a lot in ten years. A lot can happen between being eighteen and twenty-eight.   I remember when I was ten I wrote a letter to my eighteen year old-self. I read the letter when I was about nineteen and it was quite clear that my thirteen year old self thought being eighteen was more like being twenty-eight! The thing is that people assume that as we … [Read more...]

Day 118: All animals are the same

Frans Lanting shares a profound story about the connection between humans and animals. Through his stunning photographs he teaches us that we need to shed the genetic makeup and appreciate the common connection that we share with all living beings. Life can be pretty chaotic that sometimes I think we loose sight of just how amazing the animal kingdom is.  TED talks like Fran's one reminds us of this face.   … [Read more...]

Day 81: Are you human? Are you sure?

Day 81- Are you human- Are you sure- by Website Confetti (2)

Do you ever have moments in life that you might do something odd, purposely or accidental, that makes you think that you must be the only person to have ever done such a thing?  Maybe it’s so cringe worthy that you have to actually question whether or not your human. Melodramatic? Maybe, but  Ted speaker Ze Frank has compiled a bunch of questions to help determine whether or not you are human. It’s the human test. Ze Frank (I love his name) presents a kind of game show style quiz format to the backdrop of this universe sci-fi type music in his Ted talk “Are you human?” Ze asks the audience to raise their hand if they agree with any of the criteria he has compiled for his human test such as; Have you ever made a small, weird sound when you remembered something embarrassing? Have you ever broken something in real life, and then found yourself looking for an "undo" button in real life? On the surface Ze’s talk could be seen … [Read more...]

Day 37: Why failure and success are kind of the same.

Do you have a fear of failure? How about a fear of success? Ted talk  "Success, failure and the drive to keep creating" is all about the parallels between being wildly successful and a struggling artist. Elizabeth Gilbert of being a writer post Eat,Pray,Love This is not Elizabeth's first Ted talk.   On day 25  I wrote a blog post about  Elizabeth's first Ted talk.  In this Ted talk Elizabeth was on the tail-end of the huge promotional blitz  surrounding the Hollywood movie that was based on her popular novel Eat, Pray, Love. In that talk Elizabeth candidly shared her fears and realisations that everyone was expecting all her future work to fail. She knew that she probably would never replicate the success of Eat,Pray, Love, and that put her in a very vulnerable position - should she even continue writing. Elizabeth found a way to make peace with her situation and it mainly had to do with how she defines creativity as not being a … [Read more...]

Day 24: How Sting beat writers block – a musical Ted talk with an encore

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Imagine being a world renown singer-songwriter who has penned more award winning lyrics than you had ever dreamed possible. What would happen if one day the songs just dried up. The words stopped coming and what would follow is years of writers block? What would you do? For music legend Sting that was his living reality and  when the words stopped coming Sting knew he needed reclaim his missing muse, he just didn't expect it to be from the place he escaped. Sting’s Ted talk was different to most Ted talks I have watched and I am not referring to the several times he broke out in song with his guitar, although as a Sting fan that was definitely a bonus for me. What really made Sting’s Ted talk stand out was the  way it appeared that he was just simply telling a story between friends - captivating, engaging and honest. His story  took us on a journey through his humble beginnings as a boy living near "a shadow of a shipyard" to present … [Read more...]

Day 20: Lessons I learned from watching Isabel Allende’s Ted talk “How to live passionately—no matter your age”

Live passionately

Day 20’s post is is about a Ted talk I watched by 71 year old Isabel Allende “How to live passionately - no matter your age” Isabel Allende delivers a very honest talk about her fears about  aging and the revelations that she has learnt along the way.  Although the presentation is about her perspective of ageing as a woman in her 70's the presentation should really be watched by all ages as their are some real nuggets of wisdoms tucked into her 7 minute talk. The key lessons I learnt from watching Isabel Allende's Ted talk "How to live passionately—no matter your age" Isabele kicks off her Ted talk by quoting a Mary Oliver poem,  "Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Isabel says she plans to live passionately.   One of the most insightful things that Isabel said was that as she ages she has learnt to let go of a lot of the baggage that she carried such as grudges and vanity, she only wishes … [Read more...]