Day 258: Magical homes built with bamboo

Day 258- magical homes built with bamboo

Imagine being a young child and  being asked by your mum to draw a picture of your dream home.  What would you draw?  Think about it for a moment - let your mind really wander into your childhood’s  imagination. Can you see it? What does it look like?  TED speaker Elora Hardy was asked that very same question by her mother when she was just nine years old. What was her answer?  A fairy mushroom home and guess what? Her mother built her that very home. That's kind of amazing right? Grown up Elora is now building "Magical houses, made of bamboo." In her TED talk Elora shows us some images of homes made out of bamboo.  They are pretty amazing. Before watching this talk, I read the transcript. I do this sometimes when I want a quick overview of the TALK before actually watching it. The images I conjured up in my mind did not compare to the reality of these homes. I was not imagining a six-storey home in Bali that looked so exquisite. All … [Read more...]