Day 89: This Ted speaker packed nothing for TedActive but 7 pairs of undies

Ted Speaker Jessie Arrington quote compiled by website confetti

Don’t you hate packing for holidays and conferences? I certainly do. Regular readers might remember that  I have posted about my clothes packing dilemmas before. That’s why I think designer Jessi Arrington is one brave woman. She packed nothing in her suitcase for TedActive except for 7 pairs of undies! Jessi Arrington never buys new clothing, but she is “outfit-obsessed”. She buys all her clothing from second-hand stores. She arrived in Palm Springs for her TedActive talk with nothing in her suitcase but undies as she trusted once she arrived she would be able to buy some second hand clothes and create some unique outfits. She uses her Ted talk “Wearing nothing new” to share images of her newly found 7 outfits and also shares some life lessons that she has stumbled upon whilst wearing nothing new. 7 Life lessons learned from wearing nothing new according to Jessie Arringto 1. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look … [Read more...]