Day 68: Are your a high-power poser or a low-power poser?

How aware of you of your own body language? Do you think that your body language is sending out the right messages or does it need a tune up? Social psychologist's Amy Cuddy's Ted talk "Your body language shapes who you are" talks about how body language is reflection of how others and yourself perceive you. This talk was watched accumulatively 21 million times, i'm pretty sure thats a record of some sort! How our body language affects the way others see us The reality is our body language will have a massive impact on how well we do in life. Amy’s talk was backed up with studies that showed how body language can impact the results of an election or the probability of a physician getting sued! How crazy is that! The body language of a physician, and whether or not they come across as ‘nice’ (according to the study Amy references), determines whether or not they have a higher chance of being sued.  What about their competence as a … [Read more...]

Day 67: Talk nerdy to me

Talk nerdy to me. That is the simple message from Ted speaker Melissa Marshall that has inspired this instalment of the Art of Communication theme week for my 365 Days of Ted challenge.  Melissa’s message is aimed at scientists. She wants them to know that many people from the non-scientist populations are interested in whats happening in science today, so could you please explain it to us in a way which we will understand. Ditch the jargon, just speak in ordinary language Ever notice how so many words can be used to explain the exact same thing? I mean that’s the whole point of a thesaurus isn’t it? Jargon is a barrier to understanding science says Melissa. An example that she used to show how jargon isn’t needed to explain things is the words “spatial and temporal.”  Why not just use the words “space and time” she suggests. Don’t dumb it down Melissa is not asking scientist to talk to us in a dumbed down and patronising way. … [Read more...]

Day 32: Multitasking vs Monotasking – A post inspired by Paolo Cardini’s Ted talk

multi tasking woman

Continuing on with the 365 Days of Ted Talks productivity theme week, today’s blog post is in response to Paolo Cardini's Ted talk “Forget multitasking, try monotasking.” In this brief 3 minute talk Paolo challenges us to really question whether multitasking is all that it’s cracked up to be and he provides us with an alternative - monotasking. Monotasking vs Multitasking Multitasking simply means doing more than one thing at once.  Monotasking means to just focus on the one single task at hand. I have noticed a trend were people who multitask used to be seen as highly productive people, but nowadays if someone tells you they multitask they are perceived to be overwhelmed and not efficient. It is almost as if they are seen as multitasking out of necessity  as they have not scheduled their time effectively. That’s just my observation, yours might be completely different, and it could very well be based on my own personal … [Read more...]