Day 05: Tania Luna: How a penny made me feel like a millionaire

Happy child blowing dandelion

Todays Ted talk is by a woman called Tania Luna. Tania talks about how finding a penny in the United States made her feel like a millionaire .  A traumatic incident at an early age shaped the way that Tania would forever perceive the world.  When tania was just 1 years old she spent 9 months in hospital after the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine. Her family were also affected - her sisters hair fell out in clumps. The silver lining came when   Tania was 6 years old and  her family were given asylum in the United States due to the accident. The experience Tania had in her short 6 years made her view America with wonderment. On Tania's very first day in New York she found a penny and bought herself some bazooka bubblegum - she felt like a millionaire .  Years later when  Tania finds a bag full of stuffed toys in the trash and she feels as if she has won the jackpot - she has never owned that many toys combined in her entire … [Read more...]