Day 101: The simple power of hand-washing

6.6 million under five years old succumb to childhood disease each year. 600,00 of those kids can be saved by a bar of soap. Today's instalment in my 365 Days of ted challenge is a post about Myriam Sidibe's ted talk "The simple power of handwashing." Myriam kicks off her Ted talk with a pretty grim analogy.  She asks her audience to imagine that a plane is about to crash. On that plane are 250 kids and babies. Would you stop that plane crash if you knew how, she asks?  Going even deeper into this morbid analogy, Myriam asks us to image that sixty of these planes filled of kids under five years old crash every single day. What’s the point behind this awful analogy? Well Myriam informs us that 6.6 million children don’t make it to their fifth birthday and most of their deaths are attributed to diarrhoea and pneumonia - preventable diseases.  So what’s the preventable measures that can significantly reduce the death count of kids … [Read more...]