Day 82: Changing the world one laugh at a time

Day 82- Changing the world one laugh at a time by Website Confetti

Ted speaker and comic Liza Donnelly has found a way to get discussions happening about modern life.  In her Ted talk “Drawing on humor for change” Liza shares with us some of her comics about female empowerment. Liza is a cartoonist who uses her comics to discuss the gender inequality and stereotypes. Her cartoons are witty, relatable but also have something to say. It’s the kind of topics that perhaps we aren’t talking about, or don’t always know how to articulate to get the message across, but Liza pushes through those barriers with humour. For the past few days I have been publishing posts for my 365 Days of Ted challenge around the theme ‘Ted talks to make you giggle.’ Some of the talks have been really just that, designed to make you laugh, but other talks have been bundled with humor and an important message. Humor doesn’t cheapen the message To date, I have watched a Ted talk every single day for the past 82 days and I … [Read more...]

Day 64: Are you guilty of otherizing?

For the second instalment in my The Art of Communication series is inspired by a Ted talk by  Elizabeth Lesser "Take the other to lunch" Elizabeth thinks that it is important to have an open mind and hear the other side of the story from people whose opinions we may not be aligned with. Are you guilt of otherizing? Otherizing happens when we make a strong negative distinctions between ourselves and another person or group of people who has different views than our own. Could be someone who has a different faith or someone from a different political persuasion.  Otherizing means making negative assumptions about a person we meet if they fall into one of these "other" categories, despite the fact we might have never had a conversation with them. It's an uncomfortable word that creates an "us and them"  mentality, but unfortunately it's very rampant in our world. A new movement "Take the other to lunch" Elizabeth has started a new … [Read more...]

Day 9: Why Arianna Huffington’s believes sleep is the key to success

Sleeping beagle dog

What do sleep and productivity have to with each other? Well if you ask Arianna Huffington the two are significantly connected and crucial to each other. Arianna tells us a story about the defining moment in her life that led her onto a path of sleep research and discovery.   My 3 key takeaways on Arianna Huffington's Ted Talk  "How to succeed? Get more sleep" 1. Learn to value  sleep before you are faced with symptoms of exhaustion What kicked off Arianna's research into sleep discovery is an episode of sleep deprivation and exhaustion that caused her to faint and hit her head on her desk breaking her cheekbone and causing her to require 5 stitches on her right eye.  Ouch! This incident gave Arianna have a new found appreciation for the value of sleep.  How many of us can relate to overworking ourselves till the point our body wont take it any more? I need to heed Arianna's advice.  I have had episodes of exhaustion … [Read more...]