Day 47: A post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn who started her business at 8 years old

Continuing on with my Amazing Human series is a post inspired by Ted speaker Maya Penn, a cartoonist, designer, entrepreneur and activist. Maya says she is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs who not only seeks a successful businesses, but also wants to do her bit in building a sustainable future. Did I mention Maya was only eight years old when she launched her business? Meet Maya Penn Maya Penn is the girl I wish I was at thirteen.  She’s confident, creativity bursting with talent and has a good social conscious.  Maya's motivated by art and the environment and incorporates this it into everything she does such as her business  Maya’s Ideas and her nonprofit Maya’s Ideas for The Planet that she launched when she was eight. Yes eight years old! Maya's Idea is a fashion label of handmade clothing.  Maya didn't have a business plan at eight years old, she learnt all about running a business as she went along, but she was certain on … [Read more...]