Day 254: Meditation can change your brain and make you happy

Day 254- Meditation can change your brain

Do you meditate? I don’t, but I want to. I have tried it before but my mind always ends up wandering off to something that happened that day or worse, my mind mentally checks out  my to-do list. This is around the point I usually stop meditating and bring out my to-do list and get lost in the busyness of my day. I’ve heard a few high profile successful people share stories on how their lives *significantly* changed with meditation, but I never really bought it. Not completely. Sure I thought that it probably made them more calmer in the moment but a part of me thought that the benefits of meditation were being hyped up a bit … maybe even a touch placebo.  Listening to Sarah Lazar's  TED presentation 'How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains'  made me rethink  how I look at meditation.  Sarah talks about how when she took yoga classes she really enjoyed the sessions, but wasn't really keen when her teacher started making claims … [Read more...]

Day 176: Know your five purpose in five questions

Do you know what your life purpose is? Yes? Awesome! No? Don't worry you are not alone. A staggering number of people don't know what their life purpose is.  TED speaker Adam Leipzig uses his time at TED to put a pretty bold statement out there. He claims that you can find out your life purpose in five minutes.  Is he mad or is Adam on to something? For Adam Leizpig, a trip to his college reunion revealed some, well heartbreaking, revelations. Whilst chatting to old classmates it was revealed by many of them that they felt that they had wasted half their life. "I don't know what my life is all about." Okay so it needs to be pointed out that this group of friends according to Adam were privileged, well off and in positions of power. On the surface it probably looked like they had it all, but the problem ran much deeper. Adam says that about 80% of his friends felt this. What about the other 20%? Adam says that the happier 20% … [Read more...]

Day 166: 4 tips for success (working hard is not one of them)

Today’s instalment of 365 Days of TED is about a recent TEDx talk I watched by Zain Asher about how working hard is by no means a guarantee for success. For many of us we have had the mantra of working hard for success drilled into us since school, so it’s refreshing to hear a different take on it. Zain breaks it down into four key points. Trust Your Struggle Zain belies that we need to learn to trust our struggle and have faith that everyhing is going to work out for the greater good. I’ll admit this can be a hard pill to swallow and it would be understandable if people weren’t 100% on board with this point, it’s a hard sell, but really, whats the alternative? Feeling sorry for ourselves when things go pear shape does us no good. You don’t have competitors Zain shared with us her philosophy on competitors. "I don’t believe in competing for what I want, I believe in creating what I want” That was probably my favourite quote … [Read more...]

Day 66: What do your hands say about you?

Do you talk with your hands? Well, according to Allan Pease or “Mr body language” as he is also known, we all talk with our hands. Our hands  give away so much more that what we are saying verbally, the question is, do you know what your hands are actually telling other people about you? Did you know that within the first four minutes of meeting someone you have made up your mind whether or not you will give them a “fair go”? Seems like a fairly short amount of time, but it’s the way humans are wired to act. Allan says that the handshake is usually one of the things that determine how we perceive people. Allan kicks off the talk with demonstrating different types of handshakes, apparently the position of your hand and the tightness of the grip can determine your position of power between yourself and the handshakee. I know that’s not a real word, but it should be. Basically a good handshake comes down to two things, the … [Read more...]

Day 57: Does society view disabled people as inspirational porn?

Kicking off a new series week - Ted talks to challenge your thinking is a post about comedian Stella Young's Ted talk, "I'm not your inspiration, thank-you very much" Stella’s talk had one simple, albeit blunt message, just because a person might be living with disabilities that doesn't mean that they are automatically your inspiration porn. Harsh words or poignant truth?  Imagine being a teenager in the 90’s. You did the usual teenager thing, hang out with your friends, fight with your siblings, and if you are a teenager of the 90’s you were probably obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek.  Then one day out of the blue your parents get approached from someone from the community wanting to nominate you for a community achievement award. This happened to Stella Young and her parents. Her parents were flattered on Stella’s behalf but couldn’t overlook the obvious issue - Stella hadn’t achieved anything. Her parents … [Read more...]