Day 31: The office is no place to work. Jason Fried’s Tedx talk tells us why we should ditch the office

Do you work in an office. Not a home office, but an office at you your workplace. Do you get loads of work done during the day, or reach 5pm (or whenever you finish) and think s--- I got nothing done today.  Tedx speaker  Jason Fried thinks that we should ditch the office as we are not productive in their anyway and lets us know "why work doesn't happen at work."  Where are you most productive? For 10 years Jason has been asking people this simple question, "Where do you really need to go when you need to get something done?" He found that answers generally fell into three groups 1 . A place or location: This could be a coffee shop, verandah, spare room - any location. 2: A moving object:  Commuting is also a popular location to get work done. 3: Time: Other people worked better at certain hours, such as early morning or late nights. Did you notice that the office was not mentioned in the results. The place were we … [Read more...]