Day 85: “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx talk by Megan Washington

Day 85- “The thing is, I stutter” An honest Tedx  talk by Megan Washington

Continuing on in my 365 Days of Ted journey I decided to watch a Ted talk from my own soil - Australia. I watched a Tedx talk from Australian singer Megan Washington  who she shared a personal truth with the audience “The thing is, I stutter.” Although I have been following Megan’s music for a couple of years I had no idea that she had a speech impediment.  I have heard countless interviews and speeches from Megan in the past but never heard a hint of a stutter. Had she not done this Ted talk I and many of her fans would have been none the wiser. Finding new ways to communicate Megan found out when she was a child that when she sings the stutter is gone. Apparently it is impossible to stutter when you sing. Singing is a way of fluently communicating for Megan and a way for her to get a message exactly as she had intended. I have such an awesome new-found respect for Megan Washington. It could not have been easy to give a Ted … [Read more...]

Day 38: 3 Reasons why failure is a gift. A post inspired by Markus Zusak’s TedxSydney talk

Have you ever failed before? If yes, did you say thank-you for your gift?  Tedx speaker  and author of The Book Thief Markus Zusak, gives a Tedx talk about success and how for him, it usually comes gift-wrapped in a box of failure. This post pinpoints the three top gifts  that we can receive from failure. 1. Failure makes you crave success I love watching Ted talks given by novelists. Authors are a special breed. They just have this special storytelling quality that draws you into their world. It's kind of special. Markus shared some childhood stories about his failures. One such story was from when he was eight years old and at a discus competition. He failed pretty badly. Three fouls. He was a mess. Balling his eyes out as his sister did the official sisterly sibling-love thing and yelled out 'three fouls' over and over again. Young Markus was shattered but not defeated. Failure can motivate you to take the action that you need to … [Read more...]