Did I just get blackmailed by my VA?

Late last year I went though a horrible experience with an online contractor.   I hired this person through one of the major freelance websites. This post is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when working with virtual assistants, what red flags I missed and what I should have done differently to ensure a more positive experience. Day #1 I had recently launched  an online shop using the Magneto platform.  The site had been live for a couple of days when I had a customer email me about a technical problem they were experiencing whilst using the online the checkout. Unfortunately I was not able to   troubleshoot the error myself so I posed the job on the freelance website in the hope of finding someone to fix the issue urgently. Fortunately the site was still able to accept Paypal payments but the credit card facility was down. In my job description I posted the exact error message that the website was generating and also mentioned … [Read more...]