The hoverboards are coming!

1 year till the wolrd getshoverboards (1)

Just a quick reminder that it's exactly 1 year away today that the world gets hoverboards! I'm wondering if there will be a presale? Will the queue be as long as the queue for Apple's iphone? Can't wait! In the meantime I published a post all about the life and business lessons I picked up watching Back to The Future.   … [Keep Reading...]


Today I met a mechanic who will never get my business.

car park symbol

This post is a little ranty, unscheduled, unplanned but I just needed to vent. Let me set the scene.  I was leaving the supermarket today with my arms weighed down with shopping bags. I was very much aware that one of the bags had been overfilled and could burst open at any second.    The weather was well above 30 degree celsius and the humidity was packing a real bite.     All I wanted to do was … [Keep Reading...]

Day 02: Do you know the six needs of your customers? A post inspired by Tony Robbin’s Ted talk

six human needs

I have read Tony Robbins on and off over the last few years. I first picked up his personal power cassette tapes at a secondhand  book festival four years ago.  Fortunately at the time I was driving an Magna that still had the original car radio complete with a cassette tape player.  I quickly learnt that cassette tapes are so awkward when it comes to trying to find certain points to relisten to… … [Keep Reading...]

Repurposing Australian politics and Seinfeld


Repurposing content is a buzz word in the online marketing world. You know the drill. You take content in one format such as a blog post and turn it into another format. So a podcast could be transcribed into a blog post and a series of blog posts can be regrouped and repurposed into an ebook. Today I found a new approach on repurposing. I'm not sure how Australian politicians will take it, but … [Keep Reading..]

What I would have done differently at Problogger…

Chris Ducker, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn

In August 2014 I attended my first Problogger event.... Is this your first ProBlogger event?   Being a newbie proBlogger attendee I had no idea what to expect, no idea what to wear, no idea how to act. I was dreading Problogger. Pit of my stomach dread.  Ofcourse I was excited and wanted to go, but there’s always that little voice in your head that tells you that you don't belong there.   I wrote … [Keep Reading..]

Using less free time as an advantage

dont waste time

There was a time in my life when I was working 10-12 hour days spread across two jobs.  I was also working on launching my e-commerce store during this time.  This post was written during that time and will share the lessons I learnt about how limited spare time was the catalyst I needed to change my mindset and productivity habits. I currently work long hours at my two jobs.  I made a vow to … [Keep Reading...]

Follow your dreams…

Follow Your Dreams with website confetti (1)

Are you trying to grow an online business? Do you stay up late into the early hours of the morning, long past the family has gone to bed, so you can invest a couple of hours into  your business? Maybe you are an early worm, up before the the sun has even risen, writing out your business plan and doing market research?  Do you skip social engagements because dividing your time between your day job, … [Keep Reading...]

Day 03: Ted speaker Paul Piff believes money makes you mean.

does money make you mean

For Day #3 of 365 Days of Ted I decided to watch a Ted talk by a psychologist called Paul Piff. The presentation ‘Does money make you mean?’ gets into the issue of how people act when they feel wealthy.   I wanted to watch this particular talk because  I am sucker for anything that has to do with psychology and social behavior. The talk starts off with Paul telling a story about a recent … [Keep Reading...]